Repower your flight

New Soaring /Neuer Segelflug = New towing/ Neue F-Schlepp Konzepte

Lets work together to create and build the Coandajet and/or the tow-drone , "Carrier-Drohne".
All components  and important datas are availibe. We are looking for partners to combine our skills. These can be those who are looking for a new market for their company and their products. These can be those who want to improve their products. And that can be those who want to be in that number when a new kind of airplane, the Coandajet, rolls onto the runway - or the tow-drone increases the range of electric planes.

The basic idea is, retract or release these  parts of the propulsion units  you do not need after take-off or reaching altitude for cruise.

thrust flap - DE-10-2018-007-160 Fig. 2. and Fig. 3

Patent-application DE-10 2018 007 160-Fig.2 and Fig. 3


Better is the enemy of the good .  "Das Bessere ist der Feind des Guten."  “Il meglio è nemico del bene.”

We want to convince you that these electric-flight concepts have a great aviatic future.

This begins with the regulation and control of the E-components, continues through the battery systems to the blowers (impellers)  or propellers  and finally leads to installation in an aircraft. There will be much to discover and develop.

And this diversity will lead not only to a new technology , but propably also to the development of a new kind of flying,  new needs and a new markets.