Repower your flight

futere is created by us / Zukunft gestalten wir

How to get a glider into the air. Otto Lilienthal, the pioneer of gliding, started on foot.
Starting a glider is a development that many people have joined in and will join.



Lilienthal Patentschrift

 The "social start" of the early years on the Wasserkuppe with rubber rope gave way to the individual start with towing aircraft or winch. This still included a larger group of people, a club or a flight school. The so-called self-start enables "extra-social" or "extra-community" flying. Gliding club and infrastructure lose importance for the owner of a self-launching motor glider.

Also, hangaring and disassembling a glider is becoming more and more simplified and allows the even more extreme tendency for the individualistic pilot.

But is flying alone really fun?

We believe that soaring means community and practical common sense. But we also know that the development of a new aircraft propulsion system and a new type of aircraft is so expensive that in the beginning it can only be developed and marketed at a high price.

Nevertheless, we are also looking for the simple and affordable  motor glider that is most of all also suitable as training aircraft.

We believe that the Coandajet is a good way there.