Repower your flight

Technology that exists/  Technik die vorhanden ist

Four things are essential for the Coandajet in a first step of development.

  1. the unfolding mechanism
  2. die impeller units
  3. the energy storage
  4. the controller of the impeller engines

The unfolding mechanism is of Schempp-Hirth airbrake type.
Propulsion units are serial scale modell fans or UAV impellers.
Energy storage devices are conventional LiPo or LiFePo accumulator units.
For the challenge to get a soaring sailplane as a typoe of Coandajet  (mass 400kg) into the air the existing technology is already sufficient. Extra option is that the Coandajet can be used as a  wing electric sustainer solution, WES . In the simplest case each impeller has an individual controller.The redundancy of 20 impellers is very high. A group of "low cost" impellers results in a "push safety package".

Everything of this system is housed either in the wings beside the Schempp-Hirth flap boxes or within the pusher flaps.
Many sailplanes are designed for additional water ballast and can therefor carry the additional mass of the Coandajet propulsion system.

Everything is available. Let's assemble it.

Impeller pusher flap




Schematic diagram of a Coandajets pusher flap , shown is a  group of 12  fans.

Propeller pusher flap