Repower your flight

eine Drohne, die schleppt  oder ein Antrieb der sich entkoppelt  /carrier drone : a tow drone as a separable propulsion system

Auxiliary propulsion system may not disturb or endanger the soaring flight. This requirement was the origin of the retractable propulsion systems. The "Schubklappe" or pusher-flap is one of this propulsion systems.

One step furhter is the idea of the carrier drone or tow drone. This propulsion unit simply separates from the airplane. A normal tow plane is therefor a kind of manned carrier drone.

The drawing shall illustrate the carrier drone principles.

The first example shows a conventional towing plane with over the wing propellers

 tow-drone or/oder Schleppdrohne 2022

  The second example shows a wing mounted carrier-drone.




The area of application is not only the towing of soaring planes: Possible are

  • towing of gliders

  • autonomous  self lauch of older gliders without propulsion

  • Thrust increase for airliners to increase payload

  •  Start und range increase for electrical airliners

  • Towback of gliders

  • Start of gliders for freight transport

  • that means also  decoupling of airframe and propulsion-system